#’…most of the time.’ #ahhhh #now the real question is does he ever conveniently leave anything out of these reports?


Guys, finally I did it 
It looks a little weird, but I like when Perry the platypus is not a human. I like how their relationship is shown. My inspiration came when listen to this song Wolf ColonyDark & Moody. 
I hope you like it

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w h a t e v e r


SO for some reason i don’t like the idea of doof being able to fly in this au but i do like the idea of him having the ability and not being able to control it at all

every now and then when he’s really happy or excited he’ll just kind of… floats. perry’s never quite sure what to make of it so he just acts as an anchor until the moment passes


this is shit but it isn’t getting any better so

"father’s day" has really messed me up, imagine heinz having to tuck his chin against perry’s hat to keep it from flying off when they’re flying through the air

this is such cavity-inducing fluff, i had to pop over to this blog for a second



based on the prompt: “I’m late but maybe 2D Vamperryshmirtz sexy thralls and classy gothic hats”

This is probably not at all what you had in mind Des but here you go.

This is an important event, Perry the Platypus. May as well dress to impress.

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drew some speakeasy au doodles while i was waiting on my headache medicine to kick in, haha

i love the idea of doof being a comedy lounge singer where his feminine clothes and awful voice are ~part of the gag~ but he wishes he could do it all FOR REAL

but that’s just on the weekends, and every other day he’s just a scruffy gangster who can never quite pull off any heists. he’s also trying to make his own brew of moonshine but it’s hard.


speakeasy au: perry is the jazz saxophonist, secretly a police officer dedicated to bringing down the smuggling ring. doof is the endearing wannabe gangster trying to make in the big boy world of tommy guns and underhand bribery, who forces perry to question his loyalties and allegiance